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Voided law could negate many stealing convictions (09/06/16)

"Ben Faber, a private defense attorney based in Columbia, said the ruling could have vast effects on many different cases. 'It means that anyone’s who’s ever suffered a conviction under that statute was convicted under a law that was rendered void,' Faber said."


Missouri’s new criminal code subject of praise, concern (01/02/17)

"Ben Faber, a Columbia-based private defense attorney, said adding a new felony class and a new degree of felony assault might increase defendants’ exposure to stiffer penalties for what previously would have been a misdemeanor charge ... Those enhancements can bump classifications -- and punishments -- up quickly, Faber said."


Lawyers: Don’t argue with police (09/09/16)

"There are things to keep in mind to ensure everyone’s safety, Faber said, such as pulling over as soon as it’s safe to do so, not resisting officers and not moving around erratically. Don’t run from the police, even if a crime has been committed, he said, because it will only add more charges."


Defense asks for new trial in fatal I-70 crash case (01/07/15)

"In the 41-page motion for a new trial, Faber and Bukowsky argue that Smith’s rights to due process, a fair trial and protections against illegal searches were violated."