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The Faber Law Firm has experience in representing clients in a wide-range of criminal defense and related matters. Even if there is not a page devoted to your issue, we might be able to help you out. Several of our other services are detailed below.

Order of Protection

A person may seek an order of protection from acts, attempts, or threats to him or her from a family or household member or intimate partner; or from acts of stalking. For example, police frequently advise those involved with domestic violence cases to seek an ex parte order of protection through the court. An order of protection can severely restrict your liberty, as restrictions often include prohibitions on contacting the other party or entering their residence (even if shared). A violation of an order of protection is a criminal offense. The Faber Law Firm has experience in both filing for an order of protection on behalf of clients and defending clients during these proceedings. Contact us if someone filed an order of protection against you.

Probation Violations

If you were prosecuted for an offense and received probation as part of your sentence, the court may reopen the case for sentencing if you are alleged to have violated one or more conditions of your probation. Common violations include the failure to pay the fine or the commission of a new offense. There are two types of probation: Suspended Execution of Sentence (SES), and Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS). If you received SES, the judge has imposed a sentence, whether it was a fine or jail, but suspended that punishment, which is not to be executed unless you are found to have violated your probation. SIS, on the other hand, is when no sentence has been imposed, but the judge reserves the right to impose a sentence if you violate your probation. An attorney might be able to help argue that you have not actually violated your probation, or that probation should be continued with no sentence imposed. A probation violation is a proceeding under the same case number, but frequently considered a separate case for purposes of representation. If the Faber Law Firm has represented you on the original case, or even if you had another attorney, contact us if you would like us to represent you on a probation violation.

Early termination / release from probation

Terms of probation can range from six months to five years, depending on the offense. Certain circumstances warrant an early release from probation. If you have been fully compliant, have completed a substantial portion of your probation, or are held back from new employment or educational opportunities, the court may grant a motion for early release based on “the defendant’s conduct” and “the ends of justice.” If you are currently on probation and interested in requesting early release from probation, contact us.